Parking can be found on the street outside of rush hour (3:30-5:30pm) as well as in numerous parkades that surround the building. Once you park, make your way to the main building doors on Main St in the centre of the Fortune Block building. The main doors have 230 written above them. Come up the stairs, or turn left to find the elevator and come to the second floor. Directly after the stairs you'll see room 209. If you've come on the elevator, turn right and look for room 209- you'll find us there!

If you have a BlueCross insurance that covers Athletic Therapy, or are on a MPI/WCB claim- be sure to bring your insurance/claim information with you to your first appointment along with any prescriptions and imaging reports if relevant.

Any questions prior to your first appointment, please reach out by responding to this email or texting/calling 204-750-3516. See you soon!